Egocentric - A Story told by David Liljeqvist

The latest addition to the creative community of Scandinavian artists & designers is David Liljeqvist, an artist from the Swedish with and extraordinary method of creating. Using methods from traditional painting to fusing and welding, he managed to sell his entire collection of sculptures during his exhibitions 2020. This time, With a limited collection including sculptures and paintings, David Liljeqvist and Scandinavian Art & Design are engaging a collaboration. 

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We've spent much time together and visited David in his studio while he worked with his sculpturing. Read the full interview below.

David, you have been doing for how long?

- I started around a year ago.

That's fascinating, you've achieved so much, how did this start?

- Creating and building has always been a major interest, in my other job as a Plumber I think I'm creating art everyday. To shape and create as an artist is something that started when I had to change my situation a year ago. 


Sounds interesting with that experience in your artistry, what do you think is the most special with your work?

- I've grown up by the ocean in a west-coast archipelago and love being surrounded by nature. I think this is why I try to use materials from that environment, to connect my art to both my successes and setbacks. However, I think my work has a unique style, I'm happy that I've found my style and that I've managed to within a short time. I don't really see any limitations to it and it makes me hope to be a able to continue develop and alter it for a long time ahead. 


You have mentioned the materials that you work with, what about methods?

- It's essential for me that when I create, I create something abstract so that each observer shapes their own perception. I'm trying to use techniques that requirers some exercise and experience. This tends to enhance the feeling of artistry and the uniqueness.


Can you develop what part the materials play?

-I'm working with steel, clay, stone, canvas, acryl, spackle and mixed media. I shift between working from sketches and layouts to improvising from a perception I have in my head. Usually, I start by working with the material that requires the most focus, to further work on the parts that I think will give the overall perception.  

Finally, can ask you what the most important things are in your life?

- I think that life is about building and nourishing relations, with inspiring people that make me a better me. Those that make me stronger and better. I'm really fond of individuals doing their own thing and has their own style on things. Why I'm here today doing what I do, would never have been possible without my these fantastic human beings I'm thinking of, that have supported me during this whole process. Apart from relations, I live for projects and doing things with the time given to me. It could be anything from doing a trick on the skateboard to teaching myself to play the sax. To have something that makes me take next step is the key to my creativity, regardless of the direction of the step. 

Thank David and thank you for reading.

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