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Maria Murphy

Maria Murphy

Name: Maria Murphy
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Artist & creator
Maria Murphy is a Figurative Painter/ Artist from Ireland. She graduated in Fine Art Painting and Art and Design education in 2011 after that went traveling to Australia for two years. It was there she opened her first studio and met her current boyfriend (now Fiance, due to getting married in June). She later moved back to Sweden due to her visa expired. Maria Art for 7 years in a school in Stockholm and left last year for a career change. Now she is currently studying Digital Creative at Hyper Island Stockholm, working in a ceramic studio and painting to her heart's content.
"I'm not sure what area I want to pursue as I am quite interested in lots of things like UX Design, Art Direction, Print Design, Branding, Motion Design. My problem is I don't know what path I want to go down but what I do know is that I want to make and create. The dream would be to work for me later
down the line."
What Inspires You?
I find inspiration from colors people wear, prints on surfaces, signs, mark-making, and quotes. Everybody at work starts differently. I might have no idea what I want to make and just begin to make marks on the page. I might see a color palette I love from Artist and tweak the colors. As Greyson Perry says “originality is for people with short memories”.
What connection do you have to your art?
When I look back on the work I have done, I always remember how I felt at that moment in time. I usually use the title to mark the occasion eg 'Don't want to go to work tomorrow’ was about that Sunday dread of working on Monday. I remember I spent the entire weekend painting these Greek and Roman characters and this painting was the last one I did it with the leftover colors from the pallet. The expression really illustrated how I felt. A lot of my work can be about something historical, a quote but they are also bookmarks of where I am in my thoughts.
Why Do You Make This Type of Art?
I love when Art has a wonky line or something imperfect about it. For me, it's about the
mark, expression, and color.
What is your technique?
My technique is to use a long paintbrush, one you don't have much control over, and
draw. Lines become unrealistic and playful. I find a color I am drawn to, to begin with, and keep adding variations and complimentary colors.
When is your favorite time of day to create?
It doesn't really matter to me. I could get up early in the morning and just paint all day, I
could begin in the evening. I think when you have a flow state of creativity you just have
this urge to create.
Can you tell us a bit about your new release?
These pieces are all about the figures on Greek and Roman vases where I have made
them into little characters full of attitude and vibrancy. The colors are very bright and
playful alluding to the time I painted them which was around the lifting of restrictions.
What’s the meaning behind it?
I guess to embrace life and not take it too seriously. The characters in the Greek and
Roman pots seem to be doing everyday things but when I give them different clothing,
colors and expressions they become more satirical and playful.


Future - 

I would love to work for myself as a painter and designer. Right now I would love to see my paintings on clothing pieces and have great exhibitions. I'd love to be in a place where people come to me to do work for them because they love what I do.

Short Term - 

Excited to be with SAD and would love to see where it goes. I'd love a few exhibitions this year. Learn some new skills in design whether it's branding or print.


Quick five:

How would you define yourself in three colors?
Pink, Green, Yellow Ochre.
The best piece of advice you’ve received?
You will never know if you don't try.
What would you like to be remembered for?
Being a great artist and designer…and a nice person
What do you love most about your art?
The colors.
Favorite place to view art?
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Describe how art is important to society?
Life would be dull if we didn't put thought into everything that we do. Artists and
Designers are very thoughtful people and creating art improves our every day.
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