Rasmus Johansson - "Time is limited if you want to achieve your goals"

Art: Oui Oui, 80 x 80, Price: 2 600 kr 


Rasmus is one of our artist that make original art through paint and print. Its an honor to have him with us on this adventure of art and design. We asked Rasmus personally three questions to get to know more about Rasmus and his art.  

1. How do a creative process look like?

"In some cases, I have an idea in my head that I want to convey on the screen. But most of the time it's a feeling that I try to follow and paint it on canvas."

2. Where is your drift coming from? 

"My driving force goes in periods. In some periods can I produce paints without overthinking, but in others, it is completely different. Everything is governed by my inner feelings and where it takes me forward."

3. What's your daily motivation?

I think often for myself to take advantage of my time that I have available. Getting things done when I can instead of spending it on something completely unnecessary. Time is limited if you want to achieve your goals, it's important to take advantage of it.

Rasmus is putting out important values such as " Time is limited if you want to achieve your goals". Its a good quote to keep in mind that time is limited and we need to take care of every moment. Thank you Rasmus for answering our questions, good words you got there. 
We at Scandinavian Art & Design are enjoying the pre-autumn vibe with a summer-heat. Good way to say goodbye to our 2020 summer. 
Take care of each other, especially these times now a days. 
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