Quarantine Style Guide


Sleep-Sleep or Spring Summer, regardless of what it is, this season is horrendous for both the fashion industry and the majority of the worlds individuals. After weeks of working in pyjamas and chilling inside, many of us have stopped to dress up. Not only devastating for your ego but also for your partner, lover or even roommate. Our editorial team has picked some favourites both on- and offsite to keep you cozy, while still being in and surrounded by fun and stylish. Use this time to invest in the pieces you wear the most, your beloved quarantine-fit.
1) Missionary Tee - SAD - €29 and now on sale for €20. 2) Kate - Poster ofDrawing made by local artist Nellie Lindner €95. 3) Vest - Zara - €39. 4) Baby Blue Hazin - SAD €49 and now on sale for €35. 5) Track Pants - Needles - €320. 6) Bowling Shirt - Needles - €395. 7) Blurred Signet Ring - Plain Jane - €19 and now on sale for €14. 8) Simple Bracelet - Plain jane - €29 andnow on sale for €20