Bijou De Bell


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Ring with natural white freshwater pearls with an elastic silk thread.

Adjustable size - One size fits all 

Handmade by founder Isabella Pearson in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The freshwater pearls natural source brings a unique shape to each pearl, making each ring unique. 

Bijou de Bell is a Swedish jewelry brand founded in 2020 by Isabella Pearson. With local production in Gothenburg, Bijou de Bell aims to produce handmade pearl-jewelry with timeless design and individual character. They asprire to break ground in the jewelry industry and give people the opportunity to express their individual beauty regardless of ideals and norms.

- "Individuality and community does not oppose one another, they complement each other."

We want to create jewelry that gives everyone the opportunity to express their beauty regardless och age, gender and context. It's about strengthening each other, together.

Isabella Pearson, founder of Bijou de Bell