As a reaction to the unjustified and global obsession of luxury brands. Instead,  we aspire to be defined by the quality of our hand-picked selection of silk fabrics and our design. Through combining timeless design with the worlds most exclusive weaves and raw-materials in the world. Ahri stands for quality and value that last for decades. 


By producing garments by hand in Sweden and using nothing but the finest Indian Silk, our AW20 collection have been developed to have a minimised environmental impact while still developing quality garments that will last for decades. 


Our AW20 is inspired by the ancient royalties of the far east. Shown below, Dinner Jacket made in "Baroque", a Jacquard-woven silk fabric originated from India.
A classical military-inspired Overshirt are interpreted using a khaki raw-silk fabric. The fabric is handwoven in India then the garment is designed, cut and assembled in Sweden. 


To create a sustainable product, the most important thing is to create a product that your costumer wants to keep, for a long time. Therefore, sourcing the most exclusive and unique silk-fabrics became our purpose.




The Seersucker is recognisable due to its signature vertical stripes. During the weaving process, different parts of the vertical warp-threads are less tense than others, creating this effect. 





Overshirt with two closed front pockets, mother of pearl buttons and this rare Indian Seersucker fabric.



With the backbone of being as sustainable as possible, we are only using deadstock fabric, which means that we never produce our fabric, we purchase fabrics that have already been woven before. With only 14 metres of this beautiful Jacquard woven silk fabric, we are offering the fabric as a Mexican Guayabera aswell.

With the same principle where a pair of raw-denim jeans use both ends of the weave, we have taken advantage of the beautiful pattern along the weave as hem for both the body and the sleeves of this shirt. 

The fabric weight about 250 grams per square metre, which makes it thicker that a regular shortsleeved shirt. 

Even though the texture looks like a linen blend, the checked fabric is actually 100% raw silk, making it optimal for a minimal and luxurious piece. 

So soft for the skin, that it can be worn both as a shirt and jacket. 

Matched with wide cotton trousers and Travis Jordans. 

Untreated and naturally dyed raw-silk in a plain-weave construction. This shortsleeved shirt has a really unique way of reflecting light.