THE STORY Scandinavian Art & Design is a marketplace and community for local scandinavian entrepreneurs, artists and any other creatives. Born in the Swedish School of Textiles, the founder Ludwig Skalare acknowledged the supply of authentic locally made products and essentially brought them to the market. The strive for promoting a new generation creatives, embossed by new times and difficulties. The lack of platforms for young creatives was a motivational factor.

TODAY Scandinavian Art & Design aka SAD has one physical store in central Gothenburg, Södra Larmgatan 7 with 81 sqm of checked marble floor. The store has more than hundred pieces from up to thirty different artists, brands and local creatives from Sweden. Products that can be found are posters, fine art prints, original canvases, raku sculptures, textiles, jewelry, colored frames and much more. With a team of four, we are continuously trying to improve and enhance our assortment and product categories to stay relevant and attractive. We are always thrilled about getting to know new artists, so therefore. Please do contact us if you would like to join our journey. 


OUR VISION. Is to create a community and platform for young, thirsty and ambitious entrepreneurs to start their careers as self-employed artists and creatives. A platform where we together can create a cluster-effect of local arts & goods that will benefit all of our customers and partners that together are  Scandinavian Art & Design.

OUR MISSION. is to offer a first-class shopping experience with a wide selection of art, jewelry, paintings, posters, interior and photographies. 

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